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Another facet of Elevator Repair Service, Inc. is providing repair services to jobs. We have seasoned mechanics who have worked on every kind of elevator imaginable. Between the years of experience our people have, someone has an answer or solution in fixing the problem. We will resolve the problem at hand. Our repair services are always available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. E.R.S., Inc. is aware that elevator problems are not planned, they just happen, usually at inopportune times. We are in business to serve your needs whenever problems arise.

Every repair job is categorized differently. A service call may be made on a monthly maintenance call for repair or a customer with an elevator we have serviced in the past. Possibly, it could be a first time customer looking for advice or answers to their elevator needs. Once the service call is requested from the customer, a mechanic is dispatched to the job site.

Once the mechanic reaches the elevator in question, he has to locate the problem, assess the findings, and them follow through with the resolution. The mechanic never knows what kind of problem he may be confronting. As an example, he may be facing a major repair job or just a minor replacing of a light bulb. It can be a more serious matter, such as motors being burnt up or the doors needing adjustments. The problems with elevators vary. Elevator Repair Service, Inc. knows we can meet the challenges presented, and provide the best service possible.


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